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12th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM
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12th Apr 2016, 12:00 AM

“We won the battle that day, but at terrible cost...”

“Not the least of which was the near-death of our king, struck down by an unseen hand during the melee.”

“His temper has never healed proper from that day.”

“For reasons unclear, he blamed the gargoyles for his hurts...”

“...perhaps because they never came to our aid that day, as promised.”

Indeed, the king claims that it was a gargoyle that struck him down, though none were seen that day.

And, since, has blamed them for many ills, to where he has whipped the country to a frenzy and roused the people to ride to war against the stone men.

And, of late, it would appear that his fears have been realized.

I have waited as long as I could in hopes of consulting with an absent friend -- but I cannot wait any longer.

At my king’s command, I must now take his army into war.

But -- but why?

Because, whatever else we think or plan...

…we are all, each of us, loyal servants of the king.

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